My evening sandwich gave me an idea, on how to show you what I do when things get boring. I’m willing to bet that you’re fed up with at least one thing you eat, but you keep eating it the same way, just because of habit. For me, one example is a cheese sandwich.

I made one tonight, but I made it differently. I brought my creativity into it. Instead of just taking a slice of bread, spreading some butter on it, and slapping a couple of slices of cheese on top. I did something more. I made it look more interesting, and it ended up tasting a lot better.

I started with a blob of beetroot salad in the middle, then added some blobs of Waldorf salad around it. But that wasn’t enough, so I grabbed some grapes. Instead of just putting the grapes on top, I cut them two different ways and arranged them around it.

It may seem a bit much for an evening sandwich, but once in a while does no harm. To me, boredom is a lot more harmful than the occasional indulgence.

I want to challenge you to do the same to one of your meals tomorrow.

Whether it’s the lunch you always bring to work, the breakfast you have a bit too often, or what you have with your coffee in the afternoon. Try to do something different to it, and see what happens. Bring your creativity into it, and let it play. Do it tomorrow, not someday, tomorrow!

If you’re out of ideas, just leave me a comment. And while you’re at it, sign up for the October Creativity Challenge to get your creative juices flowing again.


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