I have plans for next year…

Don’t worry, I’m not plotting to take over the World 😀 In 2014, I will be merging all the branches of my business tree, all my services into one. The process has already begun. This is partly to walk my talk and not overwhelm myself, and also to create something that feels right to me. The initial description I have of the business is: Multi-Creative Heathen Witch and Sage, providing guidance and means to conquer your challenges, and helping female entrepreneurs live a holistic life.

This includes all my witchy services, some coaching, and the amulet art. One step in this is to stop using pages on Google+. Since I am my business, I will be using my profile. I removed those yesterday. Another step is to only use one Facebook page. I made some preparations for that yesterday as well. The Art & Design page and Witch page will be gone by the end of the week. These are the first two changes I will make. You will also be seeing big changes to the websites and blogs.

To celebrate merging the blogs, I will be doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge again in January. This will be my 7th time doing this, and I hope you’ll like reading the posts. As soon as I can, my email lists will be merged.

If you want to stay on, don’t do anything. If you don’t, just unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of one of my emails. But give me a chance first, and see if you like the new emails. The biggest change will probably be in the services, programs and packages I offer, social media posts, blog posts, and videos. You will be seeing more about creativity, paganism, runes, herbs, holistic living, and less of the time management and overwhelm. The wellness info will be more toward a holistic approach. You will also see some of what goes on “behind the scenes”. Changing the info on the web pages and launching new services, programs, and packages is what will take the longest. That’s why I’m saying in 2014, instead of before 2014.

Just to make it crystal clear, this will happen:

Newsletters: Linda’s Letters will be the one remaining Creative Explorer letters will go away, but similar content will still be sent out on the one above. The Witch’s Letters will remain

Websites: https://lindaursin.net/witch will go away, the blog will be merged into the main blog https://lindaursin.net/art will go away, the blog will be merged into the main blog https://lindaursin.net/gallery will be merged with the main site. https://lindaursin.net/library will remain https://lindaursin.net/linda will move to https://lindaursin.net/blog https://lindaursin.net will change a lot

Facebook: http://facebook.com/lindaursinwitch will go away http://facebook.com/lindaursinart will go away http://facebook.com/lindaursinpage will change

Google+: http://google.com/+LindaUrsin will be the main channel, http://google.com/+LindaUrsin.net is dormant, http://gplus.to/lindaursinwitch is gone http://gplus.to/lindaursinart is gone

Others: http://youtube.com/svehex will change, the URL may also change http://pinterest.com/svehex will not change much, but the URL will change to http://pinterest.com/lindaursin. http://twitter.com/lindaursin will change slightly. http://linkedin.com/in/lindaursin and http://www.linkedin.com/company/heksebua are going away

I hope you’ll like seeing the new business that will emerge from all of this. Let me know what you think in a comment, and remember to sign up for tomorrow’s encore of the teleclass.

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