I have another guest for you: Anna Aturyan of Reviewsbee and she’s sharing the benefits of taking pottery classes

Crafting used to be the best way to make materials such as cups, plates, food storing jar. Nowadays, pottery has lost its importance to some extent because of the technological development. However, aside from the practical need, pottery also has an aesthetic side, which ensures that this art will forever survive.

Those who have ever tried to make something of clay, regardless of their age, would agree that it is a very interesting, exciting and creative process. While you are spinning clay on a pottery wheel, a sense of magic downs on you and the birth of a product amazes you, no matter if you are a master of the art or just a beginner.

Pottery makes not only beautiful art but also therapeutic benefits which is also why it has become a hobby for many people.

Here are some important benefits that you can gain as a result taking pottery classes.

Pottery helps to overcome depression

In case you are depressed and stressed, angry with the world and yourself, pottery classes would surely help you to reduce your irritation.

Because pottery requires concentration, it has the ability to free one from bothersome problems and provide relaxation and good mood.

Pottery boosts creativity

As pottery enables you to work with a material, which can be given any shape and form upon desire, it also helps to develop creative thinking. You just give a birth to your dreams and visions. Without thinking of the end result you can actually create something that reflects your thoughts and imagination.

Pottery helps to reach a higher level of Sensory Development

Pottery implies a number of movements – flattening, shaping, stretching, connecting different pieces of clay, at the same time while molding a figure the sense of smell, sight, and touch are actively engaged. As a result, sensory development increases, motor skills of hands are developed, and the establishment of a better coordination between hand and eye is acquired. The development of motor skills of hands is especially important for children, as motor skills directly influence their verbal abilities.

Higher self-confidence

During pottery classes, not only the process but also the result can be important. The functional nature of creative process result fills the heart of the artist with admiration.

So, when the final figure is ready, the artist acquires self-confidence and a higher self-esteem due to his ability to create something useful. Again, this feeling is even more emphasized in case of children.

Helps those who suffer from bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder can be described as a brain disorder that causes extreme highs and lows in mood, energy, activity levels. Pottery may serve as a great non-medical way to people who suffer from such a disorder as well. While concentrating all the thoughts on the molding process, and striving to make it harmonious some changes happen in the behavior and mood of the person as well, which leads to positive results in terms of mental health.

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