I’ve spent Friday-Monday at an Asatru gathering with about 75 amazing friends and being back in regular life feels a bit like abstinence symptoms.

There isn’t anything addictive or hallucinogenic about a weekend with friends but for an extrovert like me, it’s pretty much paradise compared to having a lot less of a social life the rest of the year.

I do have a plan to be more social this year, so I will be visiting friends more often and also talking to people over Skype more. 

Despite planning to do so, life has been getting in the way so I’m going to increase my efforts. I need a social life. How about you?

Does being with others energise you or wear you out?

Have you ever been to a gathering (pagan or otherwise)?

On another topic, I planned to take a lot more pictures at the gathering as well as during the trip but I was distracted by the lovely people and interesting discussions. Some of the photos I did take are in this blog post, and others will go out on my photo Instagram over the next week. 

That’s where I share most of my photos that aren’t directly related to my paintings and drawings.

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