I want to provide an account of my second knee surgery so that others in a similar situation get to know more about Osteoarthritis.

I signed in to the ward at 7:30 AM, and got to go home at 6:30 PM. Even though they first said that I had to stay overnight. The knee was more damaged than they first thought. I’m not allowed to put weight on the leg for 6 weeks. I’ll be at home until next week is over. After I’ve gotten this knee back in shape with a couple of months of physical therapy, I’ll probably have to do the same with the right one.

The clinical diagnosis was extensive Osteoarthritis in the Patella and Femoral region. (Damaged and missing cartilage in the upper part of the knee.) The surgery was done with a camera (arthroscope), so I don’t have a huge scar that has to heal like when I had my back surgery, just a couple of holes.

When I got to the hospital, I reported to the ward and had a chat with the surgeon and he drew on my knee. Then I went down for x-rays. After that, I went back to the ward and had to put on a gown. The nurse also shaved my knee, gave me 2 mg of paracetamol, a name bracelet and stickers for the heart monitor. I was number two in line for surgery, so I was rolled in at 10:00 AM. The nurse gave me some fluids. The IV-tube was a bit too long, so I had to bend my hand or it stopped. After she hung the fluids, I had a chat with the anesthesiologist. I was then rolled into the operating theatre, where I moved over to the table before they gave me something to relax on, and later put me out.

I woke up after surgery at 11:00 AM. The nurse gave me some oxygen and I stayed in recovery for about 30 minutes after I woke up before they rolled me down to the ward again.

I was rolled back to the ward and got something to eat and the IV-bag removed. Unfortunately, there was smoked salmon on one of the slices, so I removed it. I didn’t have any painkillers after surgery, and I still don’t have any real pain. It’s just a bit swollen and I can feel that they’ve been there and done something to it.

Jonny brought Lilith for a visit. They came around 2 PM and left around 3 PM. (Since he was told that I had to stay overnight.) The surgeon came just after three and said I could go home in the evening if I didn’t get any more pain.

As soon as I got my crutches, I went down to the kiosk for some soda and candy. I had brought 4 books (about 500 pages each) with me. Since there was no TV or computer (it’s a day ward, you’re not supposed to stay there long), I finished two of them and started the third.

I had a chat with the hospital physical therapist and he loaned me a machine to use the first week. I have to do four rounds of 30-45 minutes where the machine bends and flexes the knee (passive training).

Around dinner time they mentioned that they didn’t serve dinner (same reason as the TV), so I thought I’d go down and buy me some dinner. Fortunately, the lady in the bed across from me heard that I was hungry and offered to buy me something when she went down to the cafeteria. She had had surgery on her arm, so she could walk just fine. I thanked her for her kindness and accepted the offer. She later brought back to sandwiches for me.

The nurse cleared me to leave after 6:15 PM and ordered a taxi. She then removed the IV-tube and gave me some papers. One is the description of the surgery that my doctor also will get, then there was a prescription for painkillers (same ones I’ve used before), the sick leave papers for work and the requisition for physical therapy. I also got some bandages to cover the cuts when I remove the huge bandage on Sunday, and 6 painkiller pills, if I should need any before I can get to a pharmacy.

The taxi arrived at 6:30 and I went home. Since I’ve paid enough for health care this year to reach the limit, I didn’t have to pay anything for the trip home. Tomorrow I’ll also have to start active training. I got some exercises from the physical therapist at the hospital, and I’ll have to contact a physical therapist near where I work, after my sick-leave is over.

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