I’ve decided to do a special for Artists and Pagans who want a web presence that’s true to who you are.

I don’t talk about it that often, but I do web design and graphic design in addition to my art. I want to take this opportunity to lend my fellow Artists and Pagans a hand. So I’m giving you 50% off on my fees for web design. (I’m currently charging $500 for a basic website, but you’ll get it at $250)

This includes:

  • Website installation and setup, security and backup
  • Adding your content (5 web pages)
  • A suggested colour scheme

All of this is created in collaboration with you; I will check in with you during the creation to make sure it meets your needs and preferences.

If this is something you want, send me an email or get in touch on Facebook, Zoom or Skype, and we’ll talk about it. I also have something more in common with you than a ‘regular’ web designer would have; an understanding of what it means to be An artist and a Pagan. I’ve done web design for a number of people and businesses, and the customers have been very happy with the result.

One example is Monica, a local medium who teaches spiritism:

Linda Ursin was recommended to me when I wanted to set up a special website on my domain. Since I had no knowledge of this from the past and very limited knowledge of computers and the tools you need to master in order to set up a good website, it was very important to me that the page was user-friendly. It had to be easy to update, but without reducing the functionality and the quality of the layout. My experience is that she’s skilled, fast, and highly focused on solutions. She understood what I wanted and delivered a satisfactory product. She also contributed with valuable suggestions, which I really appreciated.

Monica Agnetha Haugen

Medium, Spiritus Omni

Another is Inger, who’s a professional Tarot reader:

I contacted Linda Ursin to get help with creating a website for me. The website turned out really pretty and exactly how I wanted it to be. I was very satisfied with the result.

Inger Marie Hannevold

Psychic & Tarot Reader, Leona.no

I do have more extensive options as well, just send me an email if you need more than this. This deal goes for those prices as well. I want to support my fellow Artists and Pagans, so make sure to take advantage of this.

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