Don’t worry, you’re not a bad person because of it. Lot’s of people are afraid to make a mess. But when you let it keep you from doing what you want, that’s not good.

If you’re afraid you’ll make a mess and that’s keeping you from being more free with your creativity, I have the perfect workshop for you!

On the 23rd of January, I’m doing a webinar/workshop about getting messy. It won’t just be me talking, you will get your hands dirty as well. So it will be challenging some of your boundaries.

Getting messy, or not being afraid to do so, has many benefits

  • It allows you to create more freely
  • It keeps the inner child happy and alive
  • It’s one less thing keeping you from doing what you want
  • It gives you the head-space to play
  • It fun

So join me for this workshop and let’s have some messy fun!

What do you need to bring?

The supply list is very short, and the things are easy to get hold of.

  • A couple of large pieces of paper/cardboard
  • Some kind of non-toxic paint
  • Yourself
  • Optional: apron, rubber/latex gloves, and plastic or paper to cover the floor

What is it going to cost you?

Very little 🙂 In fact, it’s totally free. It might cost you a limitation or two, and your comfort zone might expand a bit.

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Sign-up closed because the event has been canceled

We’ll have to make a mess another day


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