I checked the apple tree yesterday. The apples aren’t ripe yet. They’re sour and small, and none have fallen. I’m going to check them again on the 10th of October.

On one side of the tree, there are almost no branches, and of course no apples:


On the other side it’s the opposite; too many branches and quite a large number of apples (for a tree that hasn’t been pruned):


The apples look like they’ll turn out better this year.


There aren’t many spots on them, and they got some colour this year. Last year they were so ugly that there was no point in harvesting them. The deer and the birds got them in stead.


Going inside, noticed that we had a survivor from last year’s decorative flowers that were on the balcony. This one grows between the stones next to the front door. The seed probably fell into the crack.


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