We harvested the apples on Sunday. Afterwards, I sorted them into three categories:

  • Good: Almost spotless, suitable for eating.
  • Medium: Some spots and blemishes, suitable for cooking, baking and brewing.
  • Not so good: Quite a few spots and blemishes, suitable for brewing.

We got a total of 11,5 kg of apples. 3,5 kilos of good apples (almost spotless), 4 kilos of each of the other categories. The two lesser categories are of course also suitable for horse and cow treats.

I haven’t decided what to do with them yet, but some of the fines will be given to my mother-in-law when they get here for Lilith’s birthday.

We got our car back yesterday. We’ve had a borrowed Mondeo for almost a week now, and you feel like a little child in the back seat because the windows are so high up on the door. It’s also very uncomfortable to sit in the front seat. There’s a bump half way up your back (not lower back support) which you can adjust by turning a wheel on the side of the seat.

Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of it, so even if you turn it as far down as you can, you still sit there with a bump in the middle of you back. The only positive thing about that Mondeo is that it has plenty of legroom, both in the front and the back.

This time it was coil no. 3 which had malfunctioned. I hope the fault never returns. We’ve had enough of this. We’re only happy that it gets repaired under the guarantee.

I had taken the day off because daycare was closed, so Jonny picked it up after work. He changed to the studded tires immediately after dinner. This was a very good idea, as it had snowed again this morning.

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