I wanted to dedicate this week’s Friday Finds to ways you can be creative, without spending a lot of time on it. This post is first and foremost for those of you who don’t take me up on my offer, to get you going anyway.

Without further ado, here are 6 crafts you can do quickly and easily, in your home. I had to make it six, instead of the ‘normal’ 5, because the last one is so cute.


You can make some really cool bookmarks in almost no time at all, and with little effort. Check these out.

Paper flowers

If you’re as bad at watering as I am, paper flowers really brighten the place up. Here are some tutorials.

Pillow covers

Change the look of your living room with new pillow covers. Here’s a video on a quick, no-sew way of making new ones.

T-shirt surgery

You can make a t-shirt into just about anything. Here’s a quick tutorial for a dress.

Marbled stuff

If you have planters and other things that look a bit boring, you can make them more interesting by marbling them. This tutorial uses nail polish, but you can probably use other kinds of paint as well.


You can use the socks who lost their partner to make cute animals. The socktopus is so cute, I just had to include it.

I hope this gets you creating. If you prefer some personal support, just reach out to me.


  1. Llinos

    Ooh I want to try the bookmarks and marbling!

  2. Linda Ursin

    I’m going to do some of these as well 🙂 Today is full of radio show editing, loom knitting, and gardening. So it’ll have to wait until another day. Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂


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