I did another crochet project and this time, it’s an Owl for my keyring. I made it in pieces because I wanted the stitches in different directions and didn’t feel like figuring that problem out 😀

As you may have noticed, I added a crochet band in a loop at the top as an afterthought. It wasn’t among the original pieces but I realised I had to have something to go around the keyring.

I used beads for the Owl’s eyes and beak, sewing around the eyes with a double thread to create something resembling an iris pattern. Then I threaded it on my keyring.

So I wouldn’t pull so much on the Owl when getting my keys out of my pocket, I added a quick macrame key fob to the keyring as well. I used the same cotton yarn as I did for the Owl and similar beads.

There, now I have a keyring that’s a bit more fun

That’s it for crochet for a while. After Lilith’s birthday, I’ll be moving on to some refashioning and sewing because I need new clothes that fit my new size. (My energy levels still aren’t high enough for art and full-on social media, so I still have to take things slow.)

What have you been creating this autumn?

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