Yes, I said swear, as in curse!

Swearing can be very useful

So to sum it up: People who swear don’t do so because they don’t have the right words in their vocabulary, we’re not less intelligent and swearing does have its benefits 🙂

I could never stop myself from cursing completely, it’s part of who I am. Some people say the Norwegians up North swear an awful lot. But when I was learning Norwegian, I had to reduce my swearing because it didn’t fit into the language the same way as in Swedish.

I even did a blog post on non-Christian swearing and insults.

How do you feel about swearing or cursing? Do you swear?

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m posting daily again, it’s because I’ve joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge, hosted by Michelle Schaeffer and Michele Scism for the third time. This is post number 11.

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