Are you enjoying the magnificent winter landscape? I sure am. The landscape here is so magnificent during winter, maybe even more so than in summer. I’m not even going to try to describe the sunrise (I’ll show you instead). It makes you stop and take it all in. Unless you’re driving of course. I wish I had a car camera so I could show you the beauty of Norway in winter.

I see the most amazing views when I’m driving, so I’d love to have a three-way camera permanently mounted in the car with a button on the steering wheel. The three-way is to capture the horizon, so I don’t have to control the camera while driving, just shoot. I wouldn’t want anything that would distract me. I could edit them when I got home.

I am able to take pictures of the local scenery while on foot, and from the car when I’m a passenger, plus my daughter takes some. So I do have some photos to show you. I just wish I could show you a larger area. But enjoy these for the time being, until someone invents a three-way car cam 🙂
(Click to see a larger image)

Allow Nature’s amazing winter artistry to inspire youIsn’t the winter artistry of Nature amazing?

If you’re inspired to create something by these pictures, I’d love to see it.


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