Now that you’ve started to kick some of those bad things out of your life, you’re going to have to make sure to replace them with some good stuff, so they don’t weasel their way back into your life. Most of us have some idea of what we want to be doing, and what we want more or in our lives.

Maybe you want to:

  • spend quality time with your kids
  • cook healthier meals for your family
  • spend time around animals
  • spend time in nature
  • go out on the town
  • go to shows
  • read, dance, paint

Maybe you want more:

  • romance
  • happiness
  • relaxation
  • culture
  • fresh air
  • space
  • creativity
  • colour

Any of those, and many more, can replace those bad things. As before, make a list of the ones you want, and tackle them one by one. If you try to do it all at once, it won’t stick. One at a time, and for a while, not just a day, works a lot better.

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