As I have the last 3 years, I’m taking July off to relax, to spend more time with my daughter and to create more room to explore art and other creative things. I’m telling you this now, instead of on Saturday because I prefer to give advance notice on these things.

During July, I will:

  • send my weekly emails
  • post on the blog once a week in addition to the art challenges. The content may be a bit lighter than usual and there may be a guest post or two.
  • post art challenges but no vlogs except if I’m suddenly inspired to do so.
  • share art and other photos on Instagram. 
  • reply to emails and messages from you as soon as I see them but it may take a bit longer before I check than on regular days.

During July, I will not:

  • work all day, every day
  • accept new commissions. Any commissions need to be ordered and the down payment needs to be paid before Saturday if you want me to start the artwork before August.
  • book meetings. There will be no available time slots for meetings in July. So if you were thinking of having a cup of tea with me, there are only a few time slots left that you can still grab.
  • take business phone calls

Until I’m back, feel free to explore previous posts, videos and episodes, and I’d love it if you shared my content, art or products with those you think will enjoy them.

In addition to saying this because you need to know I’ll be away, I’m also telling you about this to hopefully inspire you to take some time off during summer, to make space for you to spend time with loved ones and create more room to express yourself.

Enjoy the season, your family and seasonal activities!

I’ll be back in August with more energy and new content for you

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