Today I journeyed to try to find out why the animal jumped up on my bed and came to rest between my feet yesterday. I almost never experience things like this, so I had to find out why. It wasn’t a long journey, but my journeys rarely are.

The animal was my Otter companion, and the Otter is connected to one of the females who accompany me as well. Both came to me, and we walked along a beach. I think the lady may have some problems with her legs because I had to support her, and help her at the hard bits. We sat down on a driftwood bench for a while. I asked her why the Otter had jumped on my bed, and I didn’t really get an answer.

The only message I got was either her or the Otter’s name; Iran (and not pronounced like the country, more like ‘eeeran’.) This was said both on the walk up to the bench, and while we sat on the bench. So it must have some meaning.

The other’s that are with me are:

  • A Brown Bear, but it’s away on business.
  • An early domesticated Dog, which is connected to a woman from very old times, showed up as the Bear left, and only turns up on certain occasions.
  • A Tawny Owl, which is connected to the third woman, which has been my main guide so far.

I found them myself during journeys. But they have been seen by others who are able to see such things, without any input at all from me. I’m familiar with what these women look like, and the time period they’re from. The reason why I’m not telling you now is to not influence those who wish to check their own abilities in any way. I’ll tell you more about these ladies at a later date.

The Otter is one of the spirit animals who has been with me the longest, and I know some of the properties of the Otter. So I can figure out part of the message it wants to send; take more care of the female side, and play more. Those are the occasions when it’s made itself prominent before.

If you have any more insight into having the European Otter as a spirit animal, I’d love to hear it.

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