Because of some recent issues, which my friends know of, I decided to do a journey for temporary solutions. I’ve also been discussing this with friends online, and they’ve been very supportive. I already know what the best permanent solution would be, but that still needs a lot of work. So I need some suggestions on what to do in the meantime.

For this journey, I went down to the underworld and was greeted in the usual manner by her. This time she had a black cloak on, and her face was barely visible. As I knelt down to as for her help with what I should do, she took his hand under my chin and lift me up again. She tends to do that. After a while, she stretched her hands out towards me, and a thin beam of white light or energy shot up from the left hand. I put my hand over hers to receive this, whatever it was.

The message I got was: wait and rest. It seemed I should trust that things are being taken care of. The journey ended there because I twitched. My body tends to do that when I’ve worked too hard during the day, and I’ve been vacuuming.

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