I’ve found a fun way to display my art. A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to replace my phone case with something else. It had been through enough. I wanted the new one to be more me, but still protect my phone, so I ended up ordering a Roxfit Ringke Fusion and a screen film. This will protect my phone from dust, bumps and scratches. Which I’ve had some problems with earlier.

The case is clear, and you get a template you can use to design your own look from a printout, a magazine image, or a photo. I decided to use one of my symbols for now. That way I have a fun phone case that’s personal, that shows my personality and displays my art. I plan to switch now and then because I love variety 🙂

Here’s what the back of it looks like now

My new phone case

What do you think of this way to display my art?

PS. I’m linking to the international shop instead of the Norwegian branch I bought it from since they neglected to tell me it was shipping from abroad and I’d have to add customs fees and taxes to the price.


  1. Sara

    This is cool. What a lovely way to showcase your art. Now when someone admires your case, you can say “I designed it” and point them to your gallery.

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Sara 🙂 Yes I can, and I can switch whenever I feel like it, which is great for a variety seeker


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