The spirit animal portrait for this Finnish lady is now finished. It took a lot longer than expected and caused a fair bit of frustration.

Pirjo’s animal turned out to be a dog and she told me that her Mom had a white, American Akita that she loved, so I decided to use that for the portrait. This did make the portrait even harder, though, since it was a blonde woman and a white dog.

It was a real challenge to make but challenges can be fun

I initially sketched it out on paper that didn’t take water and tried to create it in a dry medium. That didn’t work very well, and I had to start from scratch. With my low level of patience, that was annoying 🙂

In the end, I created the portrait by blocking in the colours in watercolour and then adding the details and shading using coloured pencil.

Portrait of Pirjo Väänänen and her spirit animal, a white Akita

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  1. Sibylle

    This is so gorgeous. I love the colours!


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