As promised, here are some ideas on what to do with your reclaimed me-time

1. Meditate You can find lots of meditation tracks and guided meditations on YouTube.

2. Read Stop by the library and borrow some books to read. Stay away from all books having a should, must or good for you feel to them. Choose books you enjoy.

3. Create something Maybe you paint, draw, knit, crochet or have another art or craft you love. Bring it out of the cupboard and get going.

4. Have a cup of tea Just relax and enjoy the view out your window.

5. Journal Write down your thoughts, feelings, experiences.

6. Listen to music Listen to the kind of music that lifts your spirit, whatever this may be.

7. Yoga YouTube has good instructions for beginners, especially people like Esther Eckhart and Sadie Nardini. If you’re not into Yoga, then maybe Zumba or Crossfit are more your style.

Do you have more suggestions on what to do? Leave me a comment below.

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