Herbs have helped me in many ways through the years. These are the top 5. Some of which you might have heard about before. This is my last post for appreciation week. Tomorrow will be another Sassy Sayings post.

  • Pain relief Back when I had no money and the doctors didn’t understand, the only pain relief I got was from herbs. It’s what got me researching them.
  • Introduction to Witchcraft and Paganism As I told you yesterday, this is how I found my path.
  • Dragging me out of meltdowns Had a couple of rough patches. No depression, but a few pretty bad meltdowns. Chamomile really helped on those occasions.
  • Energy when I had none When I worked, I struggled badly with fatigue. On the worst days, I had a cup of herbal tea in the morning, to get through the day.
  • Meeting lots of interesting people I’ve talked to lots of interesting and wonderful people as a result of my herbal research.

How have herbs helped you? If you’re new to it, what kind of help do you need?

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