Someone was wondering why I wasn’t writing about herbs anymore. I haven’t abandoned herbs, I just haven’t had room for them in a while. This marks the return of herbalism to my blog, and it’s a recommendation (in keeping with this week’s theme). The people below are the 5 most knowledgeable herbalists I know of, and if you’re serious about learning more, you should check them out.

Susun Weed

Susun Weed is a well known Wise Woman and Herbalist. Her mission is to wake us up to the gifts of Earth and to entice us to bend over and pick a weed and taste it. As a green witch, her approach to herbal medicine is to see it as a living manifestation of the Goddess. She teaches classes and is a mentor for others through her apprenticeship program. Her tagline for her website at is Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way. She’s written several books, and given lots of lectures.

John Gallagher

John is a Community Centered Herbalist. He is also a licensed five element acupuncturist. He’s the founder of, a community mentoring site (where I’m a member), and, where you can learn about herbs and find remedies and recipes for free.

Rosemary Gladstar

Rosemary is a pioneer in the herbalism and has been called the ‘godmother of American Herbalism’. She’s the founder of the California School of Herbal Studies, author of The Science and Art of Herbalism home study course, and the organizer of the International Herb Symposium and The New England Women’s Herbal Conference. She is also the author of numerous herb books. Her website is

Kiva Rose

Kiva is a folk, herbalist. In addition to teaching and having a clinical practice, she’s one of the organizers for the Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous, and one of the editors for Plant Healer: A Journal of Traditional Herbalism. I find her work with Herbal Energetics very interesting. Her website is

Rosalee de la Fôret

Rosalee de la Forȇt is a clinical herbalist and an herbal educator. Her passion is to help people to transform their health so they can live a vibrant life. Her website is for people who want to learn about herbalism. Her other website is for those who want to overcome chronic illness using natural solutions.

Should you want access to my own information on herbs, go to You’ll find more under Herbs in the top menu.

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