I made 24 scented soaps with 5 different scents today:

– Sandalwood (3)
– Strawberry (3)
– Rose (6)
– Lavender (6)
– Lilac (6)

It took about an hour from start to finish. It’s a good way to use up the last of your essential or aroma oils. I made them with olive oil, so they won’t get as hard and foam as well as the Honey Soap I made yesterday, but they’ll be nice anyway (I hope). I’ve never made scented soap before, so it’ll be interesting to see the result in 3-4 weeks time. Meanwhile, they’re stinking up my larder/pantry. I took pictures of the process as well:

The materials.

The molds.

The scents.

Brought it outside because of the fumes.

When you mix water and sodium hydroxide, it starts off cloudy. If you don’t stir at once, it starts sticking to the bottom. It also gets very hot.

After a while it goes clear.

I added the olive oil.

I brought it to the bathroom to mix it, because I didn’t want to wake Lilith with the noise.

Bubbles because of the chemical reaction.

After it traced, I divided it into plastic glasses.

I added the scents…

…and stirred.

Some of the scents cause the soap to harden faster, so I had to be quick about putting it in the molds.

And here they are in the larder/pantry. The ones on the cutting board are Honey Soap. I took it out of the mold and cut it today. Now the soaps have to cure for at least 3 weeks. I’m going to sell them in the webshop when they’re done and shaped. Let me know if you want some. It’s free for friends 🙂

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