Yesterday I told you to schedule some playtime. Today I thought I’d give you some suggestions for what to do with that time.

  • Put some paint on paper, cardboard or canvas. Don’t plan your painting, just throw some paint on there and see what happens.
  • Use a ball to play with your dog, child, or someone else’s. You don’t get to just throw the ball, you have to really get into it and do some running yourself.
  • Go to the pool and splash around, don’t go swimming for exercise. Exercise doesn’t count as play.
  • Play dress-up by putting on a combination of clothes you would never dare to wear in public, then go outside. If you’re courageous enough; go to the grocery store, otherwise just go outside your house.
  • Build a blanket fort in your living room, and watch TV from it tonight, instead of on the couch.

What are your suggestions for playtime activities? leave me a comment below, then share this post, so we all can get more suggestions.

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