Today’s post is a guest post by Jocelyn Paige Kelly on how to use rituals to establish a creative habit. Enjoy 🙂

When we’re creative sometimes we’re resistant to the concept of routine. We believe that it’s in our best nature to be spontaneous and free. It’s in this openness that we play with ideas and possibilities. Creativity feels best when it’s less restricted, but sometimes we need a system to keep our creative flow going.

This is why I believe adding a ritual to one’s creativity can be a great way to give a sense of consistency without feeling too bound by rules. Rituals make us feel connected to not just our creativity and ourselves, but the world and the universe. Rituals also help us to honor our creative rhythms, the pace in which we create that is best for us. I like to think of our creative rhythms like circadian rhythms. Everyone has a different cycle and productive level. We just need to come to terms with our own and a ritual can help us learn to appreciate and acknowledge that as well.

  1. Keep it simple. A ritual that is too complex will bog you down. Create something that honors what you’re trying to create without becoming a form of art itself.
  2. Think portable. The best rituals are the ones you can take with you anywhere. The less you need, the easier it will be to help you establish a practice.
  3. Make it motivating. Create a ritual that reflects your values and gives your creativity meaning. When creativity comes from a sense of purpose, it has direction and direction is very motivating.
  4. Make it inviting to return. Consider what will help you to return to it. Does leaving something undone help you to come back again?
  5. Multiplicity. When simplicity isn’t your style, think about created multiple rituals to honor different or special times in your life. A portable ritual, a holiday ritual, a ritual for traveling, a ritual for going out in nature. This is where play and creativity can make it inspiring.

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Jocelyn Paige Kelly is a certified creativity coach whose passion and joy is in helping people realize their creative life. Her short stories and poems have been published in various literary journals. For creative inspiration and ideas on how to improve your creativity and health, visit her blog. You may email Jocelyn at

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