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It’s spring time, which always makes me think about new beginnings and things being born.

That includes new dreams being born.

New dreams that go from being a vague thought or wish to actually happening!

That is what the art of manifesting is all about.

I want to share with you 3 ways to catch your dreams and take them from wishes to reality.

1. Time

Time can be the #1 killer of a dream. We think we’ll work on making it happen once we have time. Guess what? Seldom does the time ever appear. We end up living with Time Scarcity, struggling just to get the stuff of our daily lives done before we fall into bed at night. Suddenly, years have gone by. Where did that time go?

How to use Time to make your dream a reality?

Time is a man-made thing we use to navigate our physical world. But, time is an illusion.

The “time” we have each day can change our perception of the time we have each day.

Time changes with our priorities.

Time changes with our focus.

 What are you giving all of your time focus to that isn’t allowing you to catch your dream and make it a reality?

Even if you have a very long to-do list each day due to your job, kids or other obligations, when you ONLY focus on that, THAT is all that is in your time focus.

When you start a new focus, your time will shift into allowing in that new focus.

Try it:  Start focusing on some element of your dream… starting a novel, taking painting classes, finding a writing mentor, etc.

As you’re falling asleep at night, see yourself doing it. Don’t get caught up in the fact that you don’t have it – just feel the fun, excitement, and joy of seeing yourself doing it.

Take note of what happens next in your life, because I guarantee that something will change and show up.

2. Ask and Receive

Have you ever asked the Universe (or whatever label you use to represent the Highest Power you believe in) for something you want, but then when something came along that was part of giving it to you, you blocked it?

It amazes me at how often we all do this.

We politely say NO if someone offers us something because we don’t want to seem needy, or incapable or it was what our Moms taught us to do.

The thing is, the Universe uses others to deliver what we’ve asked for!

When we have a dream…that desire acts like a magnet and it sends stuff our way. The stuff is part of the path we need to get there.

So, we must not block that stuff if we want that dream!

Try it:  Practice receiving

What do you do when someone compliments you?

What do you do when someone offers to do something for you?

Buy you something?

Give you something?

Practice receiving and you’ll start to see MORE showing up!

Think about how you can INCREASE your experiences of receiving your dreams.

3. Embracing Our Mistakes

Why do mistakes and failures get such a bad rap?

The truth is, they are our best allies. They give us such rich material to work from and they help us to always be upping our game.

A failure can lead us in a new direction.

In the act of creativity, mistakes lead to new ideas and can even launch a new work of art for us.

But, too often, folks allow mistakes to STOP their dreams.

They think of that one big mistake as something that defines them as “not good enough.”

It hangs over their head, growing each time they think back on it.

“Not going to make that mistake again!” is a phrase that inhibits creativity!

Try this: Write down the dream you’ve been wanting and then write a whole list of the mistakes you could look forward to making in it!

That will shift your perspective to one that is empowering and allow your dream to START, not stop!

Ashley Long is a very happy creative living in the magical mountains of western North Carolina. She knows one thing for sure: Empowered artists who have a crystal clear vision of what they want to give and what they want to get in return, and who use their unique “magic” to connect emotionally to their audience, can build a fulfillling and profitable platform for their work. She loves showing Creatives how to do this.

Ashley J. Long

Are you ready to stop struggling? Please enjoy her free gift to you and get started on creating the Creative Gifts Life you WANT!


  1. Sara Corry

    Great article and so true. I can really relate to what you say about asking the Universe for something but then blocking receiving it. It’s a practice to stay open to ALL the possibilities that come my way. Thanks for your writing! I enjoyed it.

    • Ashley

      Thank you Sara! I think for women especially, it can be hard to learn to receive! I look back and see how the Universe has delivered things to me and sometimes it was in rather silly ways – but only because I said yes to something, was it able to come to me!

  2. Amy Putkonen

    Nice post, Ashley. I definitely could resonate with these tips. I think what you said about time is very important. Our time is so precious and if we waste it, we will accomplish nothing. Thanks for writing this!

    • Ashley

      Thank you Amy! Time is a funny thing indeed…such an illusion, but it is the basis of how we live! Especially now that time seems to be moving much faster ( as we move up vibrationally) we really need to focus on the things that we love and want to spend out time on. 🙂

  3. Helen

    It helps when we go after dreams that are best suited for our souls


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