We have a lot to learn about self-care from our children. As we grow into adults, we seem to forget how to have fun, but if we look at children, we can get some of that excitement back.

Dressing Up

When my daughter feels like putting on some nice clothes, and a necklace, she just does it. If it’s for daycare, I do make sure she’s properly dressed, but if she wants a skirt or dress, I let her have it. The only exception is if the day requires rougher clothes.

Even the most casual of women have days when they need to feel extra good, and dressing up is one way to do that. Many of us suppress this desire to dress up, probably because we’ve learned that it isn’t practical, and then we get too comfortable keeping things at status quo.

Next time you feel like dressing up, just do it. I sincerely doubt you’ll regret it. Even if you can’t go to work looking like you’re going to the club, you can probably add some element to your clothing to make it feel better.

Face Paint

Most girls seem to love face paint, whether it’s being painted to look like a tiger or a little bit of make-up. How long has it been since you painted your face? Go try it! Paint yourself to look like an animal, a princess, a flower, or a butterfly. If you don’t feel adventurous enough to go wild, at least put a little bit of make-up on, and see who it feels. It can be a big confidence booster.


Are you sleeping enough? I bet you aren’t. If you aren’t, it affects more than just your energy. It makes you gain weight, it makes you grumpy, it affects your relationships and most of all your long term health. If you have small children, I know it’s hard to get the sleep you need at night. But if you can, do like the kids, and take a nap. It’ll make a world of difference for you. I bet that you have at least one person in your life who can watch the kids for an hour or two.

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