You might be expecting me to list some mystic ways to support your intuition, but there’s nothing mystical about this. The three best ways to support your intuition are:

1. Get enough sleep If you don’t get enough sleep, nothing works right. It affects your thinking, your mood, and your health.

2. Take care of your body I bet you’ve heard these before; eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, drink enough water etc.

3. Take care of your mind Make sure to get your me-time, have fun, create, read, meditate, plus any other ways you feel the need to nurture your mind. If you liked the post, share it. I’d like to get as many female entrepreneurs as possible to use their intuition.

If you have trouble using your intuition book a virtual cup of tea by clicking the cup of tea below, and we’ll talk about it.



  1. Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio

    Thanks for the reminder, Linda <3 I have been getting better about drinking more water every day — not just coffee LOLz I've been enjoying my green smoothies too 😀 Now I just need to get over this Winter thing and get outside more to start walking. I really hate the cold. UGH! Even though I am a Minnesota native, I am so NOT a winter person. LOLz

  2. Deanna Heiliger

    These are short and sweet tips, but they are all very important! Thank you for the reminder.


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