That’s me today, well almost since I wrote this 🙂 I do have two very good reasons to be tired:

  1. I ‘parked’ my car in a snow-filled ditch on Thursday and had to walk 1 km very fast down and uphill to pick my daughter up at school.
  2. I’ve spent all day cleaning because my daughter is having a friend over this weekend

So, valid reasons to be tired, even if you don’t have chronic pain. By the way, I didn’t get hurt and the car wasn’t damaged, except for a bruise and some cracked plastic. One of our friendly neighbours helped pull the car out with a tractor later.

If you’re feeling too tired to do anything creative, do this

1. Give yourself a break

Everyone gets tired. It’s your body’s way to say you’ve been doing too much and you need to rest. Don’t push it to try to do better. You need rest just like anyone else. Take a break!

2. Do something really small

If you’re determined to get some creativity done on a day like this, make it really small and simple. Don’t start anything big.

What’s your best tip for days like this?

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