It’s probably a bit late for most people to do this today, but why not pick a day next week, and turn it into a “Fun at Work Day”. If you want to have more fun every day, do something to make your day more fun every single day. Playing or having fun at work is actually a really good idea, for more than your mood. It engages the creative part of your brain, it reduces stress, makes you more optimistic, and increases your motivation and productivity.

Here are ten ideas to get you started:

  1. Put on some clothes you don’t normally wear to work, maybe with a bit more flow and colour. Or you can wear two different coloured socks, and see if anyone notices.
  2. Bring a lunch that’s more fun than what you usually have.
  3. Bring a cake for everyone for the coffee break, that’s always a mood enhancer 🙂
  4. Have a chair race or see who’s best at hitting a target with paper balls during a break. Winner gets a prize.
  5. Pull a prank on someone. (For ideas, search for office pranks on YouTube)
  6. Bring a board game and play it during your lunch break.
  7. Give out awards for fun things, like “best hair“, or have a dance off.
  8. Bring some good music for boring, administrative stuff where you don’t have to listen to what others are saying.
  9. Bring a piece of art from home and hang it in your office. This can be either “regular” art, but it’s even better if it’s something you or your kids made.
  10. Bring a different attitude to what you have to do during the day.

Just remember this; don’t do anything that might get you in serious trouble or fired.

If you think of more ideas, please add them as comments, so that others can be inspired as well.

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