Because I so rarely get my artwork finished by Friday (since Friday is my studio day), I decided to do something new with my Fridays and publish the artwork when it’s finished. So I’m introducing what I call:

Friday Finds

This is round-up of creative things I’ve found online, that might inspire, motivate, or help you. This week it’s ten amazingly talented artists I’ve noticed on Facebook this week. They work in different ways, but they all have something amazing about them, and they’re all very talented. All the names are linked to their Facebook pages, so you can check out their work.

Matthew W Cornell

Matthew is a very talented American painter. He paints seascapes, landscapes, and streetscapes, among other things. His medium is oil, and his strength is the realism of the imagery, colours, and light. It’s inspiring to see that someone can produce images of Nature at that level of realism.  You can find him at his website and on facebook at

Pixie Cold

Svenja or Pixie Cold is a German artist who’s especially known for her eye art series, featuring insects and other beings. She’s also made a number of pictures featuring animals, women, and punk imagery. I think she’s amazing because she dares to step outside the lines. Her facebook page is

Zaria Forman

Zaria is an artist from the US. Her amazing thing is that she creates huge pictures of ice and water, using only her fingers and pastels. Her art has been used as a backdrop for both a ballet and a TV-series. Her facebook page is Zaria also recently got an Artsy page.

Ricky Trione

Ricky Trione is another American artist and a very nice man. A lot of his paintings and drawings feature creatures living in the sea. What is extra amazing about this man,  is that he’s blind and he can create great art despite it. His facebook page is

Kellee Wynne Conrad

Kellee Wynne is from Maryland in the US. She primarily works in pastels and makes beautiful landscapes and botanical abstracts. Her work always has vibrant colours. Her little memories series was lovely to follow, and she’s also a very lovely lady. Her facebook page is

Aud Rye

Aud is a Norwegian artist, mainly working in watercolour. I’ve recently seen a number of her paintings in a group we both belong to, and they are great. What’s extra amazing about her, is that she’s very helpful, sharing how she created them. You can find her work at

Kat Sloma

Kat is from Oregon in the US, and she’s primarily a photographer. She creates stunning pictures of Nature and the city. Her amazing thing is that she teaches others how to do it and that she hosts the yearly Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. She’s at and

Rebecca Latham

Rebecca is a young lady from who creates watercolour paintings of wildlife and Nature. All of Rebecca’s paintings are executed in miniature, using the traditional definition, meaning they’re extremely detailed. You can find her facebook page at

C Steen

C keeps her info close to her chest, so I can’t tell you much about her. She does state that she prefers traditional media like acrylics and watercolours, but even though she’s new to it, she’s made some lovely digital paintings too. Her facebook page is

Christine Peloquin

Christine was actually recommended to me this afternoon, and I immediately loved her mixed media pieces. Most of her work is done by drawing and painting on fabric and paper collages. You can really see the joy of creating in her work. You’ll find her at

That concludes my first edition of Friday Finds. I hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration out of it.

Leave me a comment below with an idea for my next round-up.


    • Linda Ursin

      My pleasure Christine 🙂 Rachel told me to check out your page, and I love the works you have there

  1. Cyndi Steen

    Thanks so much for featuring me and my art in your blog! I’m truly very humbled and honored.
    Kind regards, C Steen

    • Linda Ursin

      My pleasure Cyndi 🙂 You do wonderful work


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