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Thank you, Linda for making this amazing spirit animal portrait for me. The Zoom meeting with you was very nice. First I was surprised that My animal is a dog, But now it makes clear sense. Thank you Linda I’m very happy❤️
Pirjo Väänänen

I am SO taken with my portrait! I'm not the kind of gal who hangs a lot of paintings around the house, I'm also not one to have a lot of pictures of ME around the house, but Linda's portrait has me reconsidering that decision. She made it easy to work with her - I just sent her my favorite photo of myself and she did all the rest. It was fun to watch the artwork unfold in the online gallery, too. When Linda revealed the meaning of my spirit animal, it became a great reminder every time I saw one in the world.

Plus, it arrived really fast in great shape. Coming from overseas, I was worried it would get ruined in transit, but I didn't need to worry - Linda took care of everything. Now, I want her to do paintings of my
mom, who died years ago, and my kids, who are growing up so fast. That way, when I see their spirit animals in the world, I'll remember them.

The hardest part is deciding who's next!

Lisa Robbin Young

I own a piece of Linda's Amulet Art, with runes to aid sleep. I am the lightest sleeper in the world and for a time, I was also plagued with fairly horrible nightmares that made my sleep heavy and unrestful. Enter this gorgeous painting, which has been over my bed ever since and stopped the nightmares immediately. I sleep a lot more soundly now, *and* it is a beautiful piece of art to look at in my bedroom.

Sibylle Leon

Life and Business Coach, Wild Spirits Coaching

I love my painting! <3 It has the place of honour in my living room right above my altar.

Fride Halvorsen

Beautiful Linda. Fresh, tranquil and yet there is a mystery to it. Where is this place (and not literally) but it causes the mind to ask where is this place and what would I feel when I got there... And all this, from so much simplicity of expression.

Yve Bowen

Path of the Open Heart Coaching

The Koi is my favorite painting of yours.... I am drawn to lose myself in it whenever I see it.

Lynn Radford

Artist and Freelance Writer

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS!!!! I'm such a froggy person and this SCREAMS joy to me! THIS MADE ME SMILE SO BIG!!!!!

Connie Oehler Tomlinson

Connies Cookery

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