So Who am I?

I should probably introduce myself properly. To give you a short summary of ‘who am I’; I’m a Mom, a Heathen, Witch, Artist, Photographer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, and many, many other things. Plus a ‘try-just-about-any-craft-at-least-once’ kind of woman.

The year model is 1972, and I live with my daughter, dog, cat, and husband in the middle of the Norwegian countryside, in a small village called Soknedal, which is 65 km (about 40 miles) south of Trondheim.

I’m originally from a town called Lycksele in northern Sweden and I moved to Norway in 1999. If you want to know where these towns are, I’ve made a couple of maps on Google Maps:

Here’s where I grew up
Here’s where I live

Linda Ursin
I’ve been practising openly as a witch since 1994. My path isn’t easily explained, but you could say that I’m in the ‘hedge’ category (I pick and choose what I like, regardless of religion and tradition), but my roots are firmly in the Scandinavian traditions. I’m a seiðr practitioner (a form of shamanic practice from Scandinavia), tarot, rune and cartomancy reader.

I’m not Wiccan, in fact, I practised for 9 years before I even heard there was such a thing. Don’t get me wrong, I do respect those who have chosen that path (at least those who respect my choices). I’m heathen, and I’ve chosen to follow the old Scandinavian ways, but in my own way. I work more closely with Nature and nature spirits than deities. Many think of Asatru as a religion, but it’s much more; it’s a tradition. I am a member of Åsatrufellesskapet Bifrost, which is an official religious community in Norway. (More details about my path here.)

Before anyone tries to ‘save’ me or tell me what to do or how to do it – Don’t bother. I’m stubborn.

I don’t agree with the view that you have to have expensive, store-bought things for your magic to work. So I make any tools I use myself when I do use tools, which is on very rare occasions. I’m the same way about complicated rituals. They’re not for me. I work mostly with rune magic, herbs, readings (runes, tarot, cartomancy), and seiðr.

I don’t follow Wiccan rules or laws, even if some people insist that I should. I think everyone should choose their own path, what works for them, and walk it proudly. So I do. I work as a solitary, but I still want others with similar interests to discuss things with. For this reason, you might find me in a lot of different places online. I also go to a few gatherings each year and try to arrange a few myself, to facilitate networking. It’s difficult enough meeting other like-minded people as it is.

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As a person I’m self-confident, stubborn, cheerful and positive, a bit of a jester, talkative as heck, and sometimes that might get a bit annoying 😉 I call myself an ‘infoholic’ because I need something new to learn all the time.

In addition to offering my services as an artist and intuitive guide, selling my art, doing readings and offering Pagan products in my shop, I read an absurd amount of books (or at least I did before I became a mother), I’m online most of the day, write (articles and books), grow lots of herbs, create and maintain websites and forums (for clients and others), listen to music, publish info and other stuff on the Internet (YouTube, among other things), I do readings,  brew my own wines and mead, and try different crafts. I also draw and paint and my specialty is symbolic art. You can find my art for sale on my art page.

Pain is part of what brought me where I am today.

I don’t work a regular job. In fact, I’ve been on 100 % disability since January 1st, 2015 and trying to build my business since 2010.

The disabled status is because of chronic joint, back, and muscle pain.

The reason for the pain can be summed up as follows:
Back surgery twice for a herniated disk in the same location, knee surgery on both knees for Osteoarthritis (grade IV = bone on bone, almost no cartilage left), surgery on both shoulders for impingement syndrome and hypermobility (they found osteoarthritis here as well), joint pains in fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, mid-foot joints and toes (I only have arthralgia, diffuse joint pains, as a diagnosis, but I suspect damage due to hypermobility, maybe hypermobile EDS but the only way to tell is to wait. (Rheumatism, fibromyalgia, and seronegative have all been excluded.), and muscle pain in my back and neck.

99 % of the time, I’m smiling and doing fine. I’ve lived with this condition since my early 20’s, about 20 years or so, so I’ve found ways to adjust, adapt, and take my mind off it. Creativity is my main escape, so that’s what I do the most.

It does cause fatigue, and an energy level which suffers under tasks I don’t like doing, so I’m going for a future with more of what I love, and less of the boring stuff (like housework, bookkeeping, and repetitive tasks).

I’m in the process of cleaning out every single cookie-cutter and bringing out the essence. Which will allow me to spend more time doing what I love, and hopefully make more money too 🙂

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My near future goals are to get my business going strong, sell my artwork, get in better shape, and get back to losing weight.

I do my best to help others when I can, and I enjoy sharing information. That’s why I created the Witch’s Library, and that’s why I blog.

My business is art and self-expression.

If you want to get in touch and get a reply within a reasonable time period, the easiest way is to send me an e-mail or get hold of me on social media like FacebookTwitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest.

And if you know of a craft you think I haven’t tried, let me know 😀 I’d like to try my hand at it.

Best Wishes

Linda, in handwriting

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