We might have each other’s missing piece

Let’s help each other out

If you can give me this/do this for me:

  • authentic business coaching (no cookie cutters)
  • strategies and planning (marketing, traffic, visibility etc.)
  • copywriting help (sales pages, bios, offers)
  • bookkeeping
  • data entry (cut & paste mostly)
  • opportunities to speak about my art, joy, self-expression, creativity, intuition, being a witch in business etc.
    (anything I do)
  • opportunities to guest blog about any of those subjects
  • handmade clothes in my size and style
  • the opportunity to do art exhibits
  • provide a great testimonial (for my art, one of the books, products, or services I offer in my business)
  • spring/autumn cleaning (including windows and cupboards)
  • landscaping
  • work on the house (repairs, painting walls etc.)
  • work around the house (wood cutting/splitting, snow removal, mowing the lawn, and heavy lifting)
  • car repairs & maintenance
I can do this for you:

  • original art
  • commissioned art
  • guidance on being more creative, reclaiming joy, owning your power, being more you
  • accountability
  • tarot, rune and cartomancy readings
  • idea generation and development
  • graphic design
  • illustration
  • web design
  • website installation
  • technical help with websites
  • technical help with computers
  • teach you how to make/create something
  • image, audio and video editing (not the advanced stuff)
We might have each other's missing piece

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