By Deborah Flanagan.
Interior Designer, Artist and Mum.

Art to me is something that connects with something bigger than the ego…

It’s coming from a more authentic source, from the essence of who you really are. Or perhaps you are actually the medium for which you receive this creativity or message that you are to share with the world.

Good art, although that is such a subjective thing to the eye of the beholder, is indeed speaking to the heart. Have you ever thought about where creativity comes from? Or where thought comes from? Do you say inside your head??

Is it thought or it is more a message that is being sent to you, the receiver? If you believe that you are part of something bigger, connected to source or god or whatever word you use for the universe, then isn’t it possible that this is where creativity comes from?

There is no doubt that some art is forced, just like someone working in a job that they hate… they feel forced to do it. But you yourself would know the difference of that feeling when you are “in the zone”, having lost all sense of time and are simply doing, or if you are an artist, creating. Where there are no distractions, no other thoughts but simply doing what you love and in pure bliss.

This is when we create our pure genius, where we are meant to be, doing what we love and creating bliss for ourselves and for those around us.

I recently completed Pellowah Levels 1 + 2. Pellowah for those that are unfamiliar, is an energy healing that operates on a DNA level. During the training to become a practitioner you need to learn/trace symbols. These symbols help to protect and expand your aura, align your chakras, increase your personal power, activate your merkabah and increase centeredness and balance.

After doing my training I started to draw my own symbols. They were like messages being sent to me, even though I could not read them. I then discovered there is a whole bunch of people out there that are writing “codes”, some call them “light codes”. Some even are receiving light
language from source.

I see these forms of art or communication, incredibly powerful and even though you may not be able to understand or read all of it, it is more about the energy and vibration that these codes or symbols are outputting.

Just like looking at a beautiful painting or piece of art that resonates with you, these symbols and codes are more than a form of self-expression, they are a message being sent from the universe, transmitted through a gifted soul to help us evolve and grow as human “beings”.

Deb Flanagan is a mum of 2, Owner of Debstudio, a boutique Interior Design firm based in Brisbane, an avid soul searcher and Pellowah healer. When she is not juggling motherhood and her business, or doing Pellowah swaps (haha if only they were weekly!), she likes to keep active doing Taekwondo and swimming. For a more creative outlet, Deb likes to attend her monthly Stitch and Bitch craft group activities, create and draw art and symbols or even write the occasional poem. If you want to see what Deb has been up to, you can follow her life journey on Instagram, view her work portfolio at or Facebook Debstudio Interior Design.


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