About Me

Hi there, and welcome. My name is Linda Ursin.A picture of me, Linda Ursin, smiling. The background is a rose bush, and I'm wearing a blue blouse, and my feather earrings.

I’m a Creativity Coach grounded in my Scandinavian tradition of natural and feminine energy.

So many creative women dim down their creativity because of other demands on their time and energy, other people’s opinions, or because they’re afraid of what others might think. They’ve been told, or think, that they don’t have the talent, that they shouldn’t do it the way they want to, and so many other things. It leaves them with a piece missing in their lives.

I want to help women bring their creativity back, because being creative has helped me so much through the years of chronic pain and other challenges If you’re a creative, and you’re not creating, book a Creative Kickstart Session, and we’ll find some action steps for you. Another thing that would be good for you is the “7 things to do to bring your creativity back from the dead…forever“. It’s free, and you can get it by signing up on the right hand side.

I live in the middle of the Norwegian countryside with my husband, our six year-old daughter, and our Kelpie puppy. If you want to see some pictures from the valley, check out the slideshow below. If you want more details on who I am, just go here.

In my spare time, I create in many different ways. I’m also the co-host of Margarita Midnight and host of Meet the Bands on All Things Pagan Radio, and the author of the forthcoming book “Wonderful Weeds – The Forgotten Resource“.

As an artist, my specialty is Amulet Art. These are pieces where I’ve included runes or rune symbols to make them into amulets you can hang on your wall. These can be for just about anything; sleep, harmony, love, prosperity etc. I draw in pencil, colored pencil and pen, and paint in acrylics and watercolor. Sometimes I also mix whatever materials I feel like using.

I’m quite the chatterbox, and I love to talk to like-minded people. So look me up on social media :)




PS. If you have any questions about anything I do, including licensing and commissions of artwork, just send me an email at linda (a) lindaursin.net.



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