Welcome I’m Linda,

Linda Ursin

  • Are you very creative with lots of interests and creative energy?
  • Are you a crazy curious, lover of good conversations and someone who’s comfortable sharing information, and have some idea of what you want?
  • Are you willing to take action?
  • Can you laugh at yourself and with others?

Are you all of the above and frustrated right now because you just don’t know how to get your creative ducks in a row enough to make things really happen for yourself?

You have come to the right place!

People call me the Conjure Queen because I show you how to create the right potion to produce whatever you want. EVERY Conjure Queen potion includes creativity. If you don’t include creativity in your potion, it will not work and you will not get what you want.

Fortunately for you, I’m never out of ideas, and I love thinking up things for you to do to make your success potion work. Whether it’s a business idea or a gift for your son-in-law. I can also help if you need someone to bounce ideas back and forth with, or if you need to refine an idea.

What is a potion?

A magical potion is a mixture of ingredients with certain properties, combined for a specific purpose. I chose to describe my services as potions because they are similar in that way, and because of my background in witchcraft. The ingredients aren’t the same for any client – every time it’s a different mixture. Because you have your own, specific challenges, desires, and preferences.

If your biggest challenge is time, for example, then we’ll talk more about time management. Since time, issues are often
accompanied by anxiety I might suggest a calming herb to settle the nervous system but again, each “potion” is individualized.
We might want to draw a rune to find where you’re blocked, or we may need to make a courage amulet for you so it’s easier
for you to say no.

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I’ve been a practicing witch, intuitive guide, herbalist, amulet artist, coach, and potion maker for many years and I have all
these tools to choose from when helping you.

Are you ready for a truly unique creative coaching experience?

If you’re ready for work which considers and honors the whole person, that’s based on the power of the primordial creative feminine energy, and will leave you grounded with the results you came to the session hoping to get, then I am ready to share my calendar with you.

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Phone +47 402 40 767
Email linda (a) lindaursin.net



Need a creative idea?

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Creativity Challenge

October Creativity Challenge

Looking for a creative coach?

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I have this kind of super power, I’m really good at coming up with cool ideas. I know that for some people it’s an exhausting process to try come up with the ideas you need. But for me it’s easy. Every April and October, I host a creativity challenge. You create something every day for the whole month and get new, exciting and easy to do prompts via email. The sign-up for October 2015 is now open. I know what it feels like to have the desire to be courageous. I know what it feels like to want to share my authentic voice but be afraid to take the first tentative steps. I also know how amazing it feels to own your creative power.
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Lisa Jennifer Petr

Thank you for rekindling my creativity. I have taken the time to think up ideas for crafts for my kids again. I feel so much happier and so are they!


You are a delight! You got my creative juices flowing for a writing project.


Thanks for inspiring me, Linda. We all need inspiration and I am happy I found you.


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