Help for your website

I can get it done a lot quicker than you, I know of solutions that work, and you won’t have to shed a tear or pull out any hairs, and the sledgehammer can stay in the shed 🙂

Whether the website help it’s setting up sharing buttons or changing the design. I can help you, and you might learn a thing or two along the way.

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I’m not just saying this. I have the knowledge and experience to back it up:

  • An associates degree in computer system maintenance and repair
  • 10 years of experience from working with server maintenance and computer support & repair at large institutions
  • 10 years of experience installing, designing and managing sites for clients.
  • 12 years of experience running my own server & sites
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When the thought of your website makes you want to

  • bring out a sledgehammer
  • bang your head against the wall
  • or pull your hair out.

When working on your website makes you want to throw four letter words at it and cry.

I can help!

I want to help you with this and take that frustration away!

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If doing anything techy brings you out in a rash then get Linda to sort it out for you. I hate technology and Linda is a whizz at this stuff. She knows how to work behind the scenes of a website and deal with plugins and make sure that your site is working to the best of its potential.

Why struggle and pull your hair out when Linda can just do it in a few short moments. If I had done it I would have taken days to get it done and it wouldn't have been so good. Stop trying to do everything and stick to what you're good at and pass all your techy woes to Linda.

Melanie Whittaker

Lovingly Natural

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My rates

These rates are for computer help, website help and website administration. You can find my web design, graphic design and VA rates by clicking the links.

Quick advice: $25

Adding/changing smaller things: $30

For example installing a plugin, adding share buttons or opt-in widgets.

Improving site security: $125

Installing and setting up an anti-malware and firewall plugin and a backup system, plus running a security scan and fixing basic security issues (takes at least 1 hour).

Regular maintenance

Like making sure plugins and platform are up to date, the security and backup logs are checked, and running a security scan.

weekly: $40/week

monthly: $100/month

For work that is more complex or extensive, talk to me and we’ll come to an agreement.

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First, we have to have a chat!

This is so I can get to know you and hear what you need. Click the button below.

Get website help today and get rid of that frustration

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I don't know if you've hired someone to help you with your website before or not. If you have you know it can be really hard to find someone who hears what you're trying to ask for. Even harder to have the work done in a timely manner. Linda truly is a rare bird.

She's lightning fast when it comes to responding. She gets what I'm asking her to help me do. She's never made me feel like I'm lame for not knowing how to do something (and doesn't even scorn me when I forget a password). Best of all, she takes initiative. I feel like I have a real partner in Linda. She keeps my site updated, backed-up and in good shape.

The peace of mind is priceless. Gone are the days when I freak out when something strange is happening on my site. Linda is usually on it and fixing it before I've even contacted her. Amazing.  She makes me notes, videos or screenshots so I'm not completely dependent on her services too.

Rachel Z. Cornell


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