Graphic design

for small businesses, creatives and mystics

Get graphic design aligned to you and your brand and enhance 

your brand experience

This includes illustrations, graphics, headers, banners, logos, brochures, and business cards.

If requested, I make them fun or add a Pagan flare. Prices include taxes and all images are in a digital format.

(High Res PNG + JPG optimized for web)

“I was trying to come up with a logo for my business. While I had a basic concept in mind, I felt stuck on how to proceed beyond it. I turned to Linda for her creative expertise and her flair for solutions. In a matter of hours, she turned my rough idea into a fully fledged thing of beauty that has been representing my business ever since.”

Laurie O’Driscoll, Practical Holistic Witchery

My rates

These are the base rates. The final price will depend

on your needs. Book a meeting to get a quote.

For your social media

Cover image for things like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube


For the new website

Website header + opt-in graphic for the sidebar


For the new business or rebrand

Website header + logo


I need to talk to you about this

Book a meeting over Skype so we can discuss
what you want me to create.

I primarily work with female entrepreneurs that are a bit mystic or woo-woo if you will and/or creative. You can see samples of my previous work if you click here

“Fast and efficient. Great at conveying wishes and trying out more options”

May Iren Lilleslåtten, Maya’s Atman

Siteground Web Hosting

Address: Linda Ursin, Brunkåsa 7C, 7290 Støren, NORWAY


Phone: (+47) 402 40 767

Org. nr: 995 578 107

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