Her finner du de vurderinger mine kunder har skrevet om jobben jeg har gjort for dem når det gjelder design og nettstedtjenester

I highly recommend working with Linda. She is very professional, bright and competent, she communicates well and her work was completed promptly. She is so nice to deal with, and makes everything easy.

I would always hire Linda again

Nicola Rose

Dance teacher, Oasis Dance & Drama

I don't know if you've hired someone to help you with your website before or not. If you have you know it can be really hard to find someone who hears what you're trying to ask for. Even harder to have the work done in a timely manner. Linda truly is a rare bird.

She's lightning fast when it comes to responding. She gets what I'm asking her to help me do. She's never made me feel like I'm lame for not knowing how to do something (and doesn't even scorn me when I forget a password). Best of all, she takes initiative. I feel like I have a real partner in Linda. She keeps my site updated, backed-up and in good shape.

The peace of mind is priceless. Gone are the days when I freak out when something strange is happening on my site. Linda is usually on it and fixing it before I've even contacted her. Amazing.  She makes me notes, videos or screenshots so I'm not completely dependent on her services too.

Rachel Z. Cornell


I was trying to come up with a logo for my business. While I had a basic concept in mind, I felt stuck on how to proceed beyond it. I turned to Linda for her creative expertise and her flair for solutions. In a matter of hours, she turned my rough idea into a fully fledged thing of beauty that has been representing my business ever since.

Laurie O'Driscoll

Practical Holistic Witchery

If doing anything techy brings you out in a rash then get Linda to sort it out for you. I hate technology and Linda is a whizz at this stuff. She knows how to work behind the scenes of a website and deal with plugins and make sure that your site is working to the best of its potential.

Why struggle and pull your hair out when Linda can just do it in a few short moments. If I had done it I would have taken days to get it done and it wouldn't have been so good. Stop trying to do everything and stick to what you're good at and pass all your techy woes to Linda.

Melanie Whittaker

Lovingly Natural

I contacted Linda Ursin to get help with creating a website for me. The website turned out really pretty and exactly how I wanted it to be. I was very satisfied with the result.

Inger Marie Hannevold

Psychic & Tarot Reader,

Linda Ursin was recommended to me when I wanted to set up a special website on my domain. Since I had no knowledge of this from the past and very limited knowledge of computers and the tools you need to master in order to set up a good website, it was very important to me that the page was user-friendly. It had to be easy to update, but without reducing the functionality and the quality of the layout. My experience is that she’s skilled, fast, and highly focused on solutions. She understood what I wanted and delivered a satisfactory product. She also contributed with valuable suggestions, which I really appreciated.

Monica Agnetha Haugen

Medium, Spiritus Omni

Kjapp og effektiv. Flink til å formidle ønsker og prøve ut flere alternativer.

Jeg fikk tips om å kontakte Linda igjennom en felles bekjent.

Translation: Fast and efficient. Great at conveying wishes and trying out more options.I got the tip to contact Linda through a common acquaintance.

May Iren Lilleslåtten

Maya's Atman

Siteground Web Hosting

Address: Linda Ursin, Brunkåsa 7C, 7290 Støren, NORWAY


Phone: (+47) 402 40 767

Org. nr: 995 578 107

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