Others might not think it’s a failure, but you think it’s no good. So you throw it away or put it away where you won’t have to look at it. You can, of course, give them away or sell them to someone who likes them, but I have a solution for you, that might be a bit more satisfying:

Re-use them

People re-use a lot of different things these days, so why shouldn’t  you be able to re-use and re-purpose artwork?

  • Cut them up and use the parts in new things
  • Alter them to where they work
  • Make something completely new on top

I’ve done this several times myself. The picture up top is a more recent example. It was meant to be a group of birds on a green background, but the birds refused to cooperate, so I cut the big watercolour paper into smaller bits, and I’m making new things with them. Either by painting something new on the white side or using the green background. For the one at the top, I chose to use the green background. I wanted something that resembled soap bubbles, so I lifted some colour and did some accents with a watercolour pencil.

It’s small, just about 15 x 15 cm, but I’m a lot happier with this than the original.

If you choose to do this, I’d love to see what you create (before and after). If you want a safe place to share it, you can come to the Creative Explorers group on Facebook.


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