Yesterday I heard a song that I first heard in my youth, and it inspired me to create a meme and write this post. The song was True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. It has a lot more meaning to me these days than it did back then.

I believe a lot of women are hiding their true colours, to keep other people happy, and I don’t want you to do that. I want you to bring them out into the open. Show them to the World. Flaunt them.

Picture of a rainbow over trees with the quote "Your true colours are beautiful like a rainbow

You’re beautiful as you are!

Don’t let what you think others mean, or what they say, change who you are. Don’t sacrifice your personality, style, opinions, and passions. There’s too much unhappiness in the World already. Why should you make yourself feel miserable?

  • Laugh, dance, sing, paint. Do whatever makes you happy.
  • Dress for yourself, not for others. Forget all the age, body type,  and colour coordinating advice.
  • When you have an opinion, speak it.
  • If you want to dye your hair purple, do it.

Why crawl when you can fly?

If you’re not happy with where your life is heading, don’t let it stay that way for too long, do something about it. Living your life as who you truly are,  is so much more fulfillling than trying to fit into boxes created by others.

If you’re more of an extrovert, get social. If you’re more of an introvert, make people respect your need to be alone. Don’t do what doesn’t work for you.

The right people will love you for who you are. Nobody will love you for pretending to be someone else.

I hope this got you thinking. Do me a favor and share it wherever you can, so those that need it get to see it, and leave me a comment below with your thoughts on this.

If you want to hear the song, here’s the video:



  1. Corina Ramos

    I love this song Linda! I would play it over and over again when I was a teenager. :).

    It’s so hard to be a woman. We have to be everything to everyone else before we put ourselves first and we do it with grace.

    Beautiful post Linda! I think you are full of awesome-sauce yourself lady!

  2. Linda Ursin

    Yes. We also put a lot of that pressure on ourselves.
    Thanks Corina 🙂

  3. Kashif Ansari

    Indeed, one ought to be oneself and that too in a spontaneous and honest not to mention authentic manner. Why try so hard to fit a round peg in a square hole. Such hypocrisy reeks of unnatural dis-ease and stilted behavior that gets one nowhere. Stay true to yourself and never try to be overnice in this world which is sometimes so mean and cruel. I’m not saying you become vicious but you don’t need to be a goody two shoes either.


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