Since the postcard swap I’ve been participating in for a number of years is taking a break this year, a couple of us created a mini swap of our own. The idea came from Jacinta and she chose the name too. She’s from Ireland and chose to call it

Pals Poist 19

She says it means “postcard pals” in Irish and these are the cards I received.
I have linked to their Instagram accounts. Just click on the images or their names.

Jacinta Moore
County Mayo, Ireland
Digital art: Sea Suds

Sheila Delgado
Arizona USA
She handmade the card for the occasion, and sent me a sticker as well 🙂

Ivy Nguyen
California USA
Fierce Fantasy Designs by Joanne Garcia

The swap was fun, as always, and we hope to do it again next year

Would it be fun to swap postcards in Autumn too?

What do you think?

Should I set something up?

Leave me a comment

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