When you have stress at the level that it makes you clumsy, you need to deal with it. Lots of people will tell you to take a shower, take a walk, or something like that. I’m telling you that you need to do something that occupies your mind to where your brain can’t keep churning on everything you have to do. I’ve gathered three things you can do in my new freebie and I’m calling it “Play your way to a Stress-Free day”. Here’s a video I recorded about it earlier this week.

You can get the new freebie by going  here: https://lindaursin.net/play-your-way-to-a-stress-free-day/

If you don’t deal with your stress, the next stop on the journey is overwhelm, and believe me you don’t want that. I’ve been there, I know.

What’s your #1 source of stress?Play your Way to a Stress-Free Day

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