Today is the last day of the scavenger hunt series. The price for finding what I’m having you look for today is a little bit different. It’s something permanent, but also a bonus that’s only valid for one week.

Baroness Olga de Meyer

Baroness Olga de Meyer was a British-born artists’ model, socialite, patron of the arts, writer, and fashion figure.

Ima Hogg

Ima Hogg was an American philanthropist and patron and collector of art known as “The First Lady of Texas”.

I want you to find the Patreon button

The permanent part is that my patrons get 10% off when buying anything from me. Art, programs, books, things in the Curiosity Shop.

The bonus is that new patrons will get a personal sketch from me for one week. That means that if you become a patron between today and next Sunday (Oct 2), you will get a personal sketch made by me.

Now go find that button 🙂 It looks like this


Support Linda Ursin on Patreon

PS. If you want to become a patron, you pick your own monthly sum. There are different rewards for each level.


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