Both you and I know that not every day has nice weather. There are summer days when it’s cold, raining, windy, or all of them at the same time with some thunder added (not that I mind a thunderstorm). Take the time to get outside and enjoy it while it lasts.

You won’t get the time, you really have to take it Tweet this! (Hover to tweet)

My daughter and I did that today, having a soft-serve ice-cream in the sun, and then planting in the garden. So we killed two birds with one stone, so to speak (never really liked that expression, but it’s used). We indulged in something delicious and took some time to enjoy the sunshine.

I have two things happening on Friday, and one of them is related to this:

  1. I’m taking July off. My weekly letters will be scheduled in advance, and the blog will have pre-made, easygoing posts, and a couple of guests.
    Please wish the guests welcome, and enjoy the easygoing posts from me.
  2. I’m increasing my art prices. If you want something at the current price, make sure to get it before Friday.

Have a lovely summer, and make sure to get outside when the weather’s nice Tweet this!


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