Well, I found out why I was more exhausted than usual, and it wasn’t pleasant. I have a cold… I guess I’m fortunate that I only ever get a cold once or twice a year, and never anything else (connected to infections). I’ve never had the flu, I only had two of the childhood diseases (and mild forms). So my immune system is one thing that IS in working order. But it does force me to take it slow for a couple of days. So I’m in for more rest and relaxation this week than I initially planned. It’s all part of self-care though. Something most women forget about. I will be:

  • Reading a lot. I love to read. I used to read up to 500 books a year before I had Lilith.
  • Sewing a bit. The Viking market is in a month, and nothing’s finished.
  • and hanging out online. So if you want to chat, you’ll probably find me there.

There is one thing I have no other choice than to do, though. I have to clean before the in-laws come for a visit on Wednesday. Nobody else will, and it’s necessary. I’m far from pedantic, my mother (who was) cured me of that. So the dishes need doing, the tables need clearing, the vacuum has to come out (but I hope to persuade my husband to do that part), and the bathroom needs a once over. I hate housework, but sometimes it just has to get done.


  1. Bren

    I sure hope you’re feeling a bit better my friend.

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Bren 🙂 I’m a lot better today


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