Today I’m painting blindfolded using watercolour for the art challenge series I’m doing. I wonder how bad the resulting painting will be 😀 I hope I’ll at least be able to stay on the paper and not make mud with the colours.

I’ll be using a minimum of water as I can’t wait for a layer to dry before continuing when I have a blindfold on.

So how do you think I did?

Leave me a comment below.

I thought I’d better mention is that because it’s the month of my birthday and I wanted to give you something is that I’ve lowered the percentage I get from sales on Redbubble to give you lower prices. If you want to have a look, you can use this link:

I’m also doing a sale on originals on the 14th, which is my birthday. I’ll be 47, in case you’re curious 🙂 The prices will be significantly lower than normal, so make sure to grab the one(s) that call(s)s to you. I will be posting about the sale on originals on my social media on the day.

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