As of yesterday, I’m finally out of the sling I’ve been wearing day and night for three weeks after the shoulder surgery. With my lack of patience, you can imagine that it hasn’t been easy.

  • everything takes longer
  • my neck and back have been painful, because of the change in balance
  • my right shoulder has been painful because it’s had to work harder

I can finally wash without it taking forever, and now the shower room is finished so I can shower indoors again 🙂 My left arm hasn’t really been enjoying itself in the sling; it’s tried to escape almost every night. Most of the time it wasn’t successful, but it managed to break free a couple of times. I woke up before I moved it in a way I’m not allowed to do move, fortunately. I checked with my physical therapist that taking the sling off was ok before I did it. After I took it off, I threw it away. The velcro was failing, and I’m not going to need it anymore. I still have to be just as careful for another week. Then a tiny bit less careful for another three weeks. After that, I can move it any way I want, but it’ll be another three weeks before I can use it 100 %. I’m not looking forward to having to do the same to my right shoulder. I’ll have to check when this will be with the Orthopedic Surgeon when I’m there for my checkup. As you can imagine, I made the most of the day after removing the sling, within my ordered limits though. I finished the leaves on my latest painting, wrote my runes post (which was a lot faster since I can write with both hands now), and enjoyed my freedom. I also did the laundry, but that’s not part of what I consider fun.

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