I felt like it was smart to let you know that I’m currently looking for commissions and freelance projects to supplement my income. Since you’ve followed me for a while, you know what I do so you’re the best people I can ask if you’re in the market for this, and also ask to spread the word.

Art Commissions

When it comes to commissioned art, I know I’ve mostly been talking about spirit animal portraits but I can also do some other things:

I can do paintings and drawings of:


Animals (both wildlife and pets)

Abstract art

Amulet art

We’d have to talk about what you want, of course


You’ve seen me do all kinds of drawings, even illustrating a full Tarot deck, so you can trust me with illustrations.

These could be illustrations for, for example:




Social media

Graphic Design

I’ve done graphic design more or less since I worked at an advertising agency in 1994. So I’ve done a lot of different things.





Business Cards

Stuff for social media


I’ve designed and run websites for myself and clients since I wrote my first website in Notepad in 2003. I don’t do any major coding for others but I do this:

Design (I have a Divi license I can use for clients)




Regular maintenance

I’m accepting one-off, short and longterm projects and ongoing maintenance clients.

Running an art business costs money and so does everything else in life, and being an artist isn’t something most people get rich from. So I need to supplement a bit to cover the costs.

If you or anyone you know is looking for someone to do these things, get in touch

Even if you aren’t looking, if you could share this, please do

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